Blog Trailblazers Spain Graham’s Blog - Autumn 2017 GOOD THINGS TO BUY For  those of you who have spent a lot of money and time  of the years cleaning carburetors and other difficult engine parts look no further :  We have recently purchased an electronic bath cleaner simply brilliant and not expensive.  The process is easy and results fantastic the component looks  like  brand new.    You will find on the web together with  cleaning solutions for all  your needs. It will also clean your wife´s jewellery!!! HELPFUL TIP Experienced problems with fuel injection on your KTM ?    On occasions  the bike appears to be running out of fuel, then stops, then starts  for a few minutes, then stops again,  you put the bike on the diagnostic computer and  it tells you there is no fault.  The problem I  have found is a very sensitive earth lead from the battery to the chassis.  A simple solution: run an extra cable from the negative terminal on the battery direct to the engine. A connection to any of the 8ml bolts will work.  Great result with my bikes  despite  the fact I have pulled all my hair out  finding the solution. If you are experiencing a similar issue hope it helps. Thank you all for your business this year.  Great meeting  you  and hope to see you again in the future. Best Regards Graham Made with Xara